Litmus Club Two: Academics and Industry

Please join us for the second Litmus Club meeting, where we’ll be discussing academic-industry links.

Do they help liberate science to the broader world, or constrain it? What do we gain by increased industry links with universities, and what do we lose? Should we be concerned by academic links to particular industries – fossil fuels, for example, or the arms trade – or is this just business as usual for the university sector? What impacts – positive and negative – do more industrial links have on the work of academics, on public engagement with science, and on the direction of scientific research? Should universities act more like industry, or think more about the special role they place in society?

Discussing these questions and more, we’ll be joined by Paul Nightingale, Jane Rendell and Jon Tennant. But most of all, we hope to be joined by you, because the Litmus Club is about expertise and ideas of everyone who comes along, not just what the speakers have to say.

May 20th, basement of Fairly Square, start 7pm sharp.

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